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*Pre-Order Dura Mater "Tough Mother" V-neck T-shirt


This shirt shows everyone you are one bad ass momma!

The dura mater is a thick fibrous covering that protects the brain. Dura mater is latin for "tough mother". This anatomic structure protects the brain just like us moms that protect our babies!!! This design was drawn by artist Kelly Durette.

Small 16.75W x 25.75L
Medium 17.5W x 26.25L
Large 18.5W x 26.88L
XL 19.5W x 27.5L
2XL 20.5 x 28.13

Model: I am wearing a 2XL

*All items available for sale on my website will not be ready to ship for 3-4 weeks after your purchase date. You will receive an email confirming your order once it is placed on my website and then you will receive another email once the shipping label has printed and the item has shipped. This email will have your tracking information on it.

  • Dura Vneck Small 99%
  • Dura Vneck Medium 100%
  • Dura Vneck Large 97%
  • Dura Vneck XL 100%
  • Dura Vneck 2XL 99%